BASF Corporate campus

Location: Mount Olive, New Jersey
Client: BASF
Award: New Jersey Soil Conservation Award

Working closely with the owner and architect, a site-sensitive master plan was developed for the entire campus. A few of the major design goals were to limit destruction of the woodland and steep slopes, preserve and take advantage of historic elements, such as the Morris Canal and Wills Mill Pond and provide a strong sense of arrival for visitors and pedestrians.

The vehicular arrival sequence is via roads that curve through the woodland. The 50 or morevisitors a day arrive at the decoratively paved and planted arrival court while the 2,000 employees arrive directly into a stepped, to fit the slope, garage and walk to building entrances through the ‘Viewing Garden’.

The Viewing Garden is a passive area of grass panels and extensive garden of flowering plants and perennials traversed by textured paved walks furnished with wood benches. Additional pedestrian amenities include: an outdoor dining terrace with light textured trees, shrubs, perennials, seasonal display and accent lights.