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bridgewater municipal complex

Location: Bridgewater, New Jersey
Client: USA Architects

MKW, with USA Architects, developed a series of site plan options for a new Municipal Complex in Bridgewater Township. The master planning process involved collaboration with municipal, police, and judicial staff, elected officials and the public over a one year period to determine the best use for the existing property, and a design solution which would satisfy the needs of the community. This inclusive design process kept the community informed, involved, and ultimately resulted in a site plan design that is thoughtful, functional, within budget and embraced by all.

Beyond the master planning phase, MKW was responsible for overall site and landscape design for this project, including the entry drive, parking and vehicular circulation, pedestrian circulation paths and sidewalks, public entry plaza and gathering space, new athletic fields, and new park open space and pond. Site layout, grading and drainage was coordinated with the civil engineer. Bio-swales and linear rain gardens were use to collect stormwater from the parking lot, and roof and plaza runoff was gathered in a cistern for re-use in irrigation. Landscape design for the entire complex was developed to provide shade in public gathering spaces and in parking areas ; to provide attractive year round interest in public spaces and to screen parking areas, and to provide seasonal interest with Spring and Summer blooms and Fall color. Throughout the plaza, planting islands with Honeylocust trees and perennial shrubs were used to create space for sitting areas. MKW was responsible for site lighting as well, including parking lots and all pedestrian areas.

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