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clinton cove park
hudson river park

Location: New York, New York
Client: Hudson River Park Trust

Clinton Cove Park, a 2.6 acre parcel located west of the West Side Highway (Route 9A) between West 54th and West 57th Streets, is the northern terminus of the overall Hudson River Park. The “cove” provides fairly calm water, so the incorporation of a public boathouse and launching ramp was ideally sited at the former Pier 96 location. The large lawn bowl was created by raising a planted berm along Route 9A, shielding the park from the sights and sounds of the road and orienting the view towards the Hudson. Historic granite bulkhead coping stones salvaged from other areas of the park provide informal seating elements within the lawn. Broad sweeping steps connect the raised berm pathway to the esplanade, and the Pier 96 Boathouse Plaza, the setting for the Public Art sculpture developed for this park. Canopy trees provide shade and ornamental trees provide seasonal color and scale as do shrubs and perennials. Mounds of ornamental grasses retain steeper portions of the berm and add movement to the park experience as breezes blow along the Hudson.