montclair kimberly academy’s upper mountain avenue field

Location: Monclair, New Jersey
Client: Montclair Kimberly Academy

Montclair Kimberly Academy's Upper Mountain Avenue Field was a natural turf field, used for lacrosse and soccer practice, and plagued by drainage issues and poor soil. The goal of the project was to expand the field for use for varsity lacrosse and soccer, and replace the natural turf with a new synthetic turf field. In addition, a new field house designed by NK Architects, replaced the existing residential structure, and a new parking lot and school bus staging areas were created. The field was regraded and enlarged by the use of new retaining walls to the west and north. A new stromwater management system was designed, and the stone base of the new synthetic turf field was used as a reservoir for stormwater as well. The field was striped with a three color system to allow for multiple uses including lacrosse, field hockey and soccer.