the new york botanical garden
everett children’s adventure garden

Location: Bronx, New York
Client: The New York Botanical Garden

Everett Children’s Adventure Gardenis a unique parcel of land, nestled between two natural features, hills with rock outcroppings and wetlands with meadow, pond and outfall. The existing site features were integrated into the overall design concept of the Garden. Each of the four open air Galleries was established as a distinct entity yet integrated with the overall experience of the site. MKW was directly involved in siting exhibits in the Galleries and determining an appropriate sequence, design vocabulary and plant palette for each. Topiary creatures such as caterpillars, a butterfly, a frog and a ladybug celebrate the arrival to the Discovery Plaza. The Sun, Dirt & Water Gallery allows children to explore how plants make their own food while the Wonder Gallery stresses the diversity of the plant kingdom. The Meadow Gallery, located in front of the Discovery Center and Plaza, invites children to learn how flowers are pollinated and seeds are distributed. The Ecosystem Gallery allows children to interpret the interdependent relationships between plants and animals. Other features in this Garden include the Boulder Maze and Beth's Maze, two elements that invite children to play. The Picnic Grove was sited to overlook much of the Garden and wetlands.