stockton playground

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Client: New York City Department of Parks & Recreatio

Stockton Playground is located in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, at the corner of Park Avenue and Marcy Avenue. This site is part of the Mayor’s new Community Parks Initiative (CPI). The playground is 1.09 acres in size, and consists of a large asphalt ball field, handball and basketball courts, a comfort station, small spray shower area, and a play area including swings and play equipment.

The intent of the design for Stockton Playground is to transform this tired and outdated playground into a vibrant and attractive community recreation center, with new play elements, open space enhancements, and an overall greening and welcoming appearance. A clear and easily comprehended organization for the playground has been created, with axially aligned entrances from Park Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Place. A new paved entrance plaza unites the flagpole, renovated comfort station (under a separate contract), and new spray features in a circular form with perimeter seating. This form is emphasized with new planting areas, which also serve as separation from the new athletic area. This area includes a synthetic turf field and perimeter track. New planting areas around the field provide shade and landscape value as well as storm water infiltration. A new picnic area bridges between the athletic area and the new 2-5 year old play area. This play grouping is adjacent to the comfort station, and can be observed from the new benches to the south. Shade trees and planting areas provide a measure of separation from the 5-12 year old play area, which includes larger play groupings and new swings.