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waterfront promenade at harborside financial

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Client: Mack-Cali, Hyatt Development Corporation and Lincoln Property Company

The Waterfront Promenade at the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, NJ completes a significant segment of the Hudson River Walkway, linking two piers and providing continuous public access along 3500 linear feet of waterfront. While the promenade and piers were developed for different clients, a common design vocabulary was established to visually tie the projects together. Lighting, site furnishings, paving materials and promenade the railing are consistent elements carried throughout the entire Harborside Financial Center. While predominantly an urban hardscape, the 1.4-acre perimeter esplanade incorporates landscape in raised planters at the western and eastern ends of the pier, and ornamental trees in precast concrete planter boxes throughout. The east end park is punctuated by a 12-foot high stainless steel sundial set within a colored concrete compass rose.

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